Group Location Day Type
Ryan and Katelyn Berry Chesapeake Monday Young Marrieds
Laurette Brunner Virtual Tuesday All Ages
Travis and Tara Bryant Virginia Beach Tuesday All Ages
Dan and Margie Buck Chesapeake Monday All Ages
Scott and Susie Butler Virginia Beach Sunday All Ages
Marvin and Tracy Chumura Chesapeake Tuesday All Ages
Noah Eckard and Ashley Butler Virginia Beach Monday College, Young Singles
Don and Karen Loughheed Virginia Beach Wednesday All Ages
Stephen and Sallie Mannix Virginia Beach Sunday All Ages
Dre and Christine Moorehead Virtual Sunday All Ages, Military
Adam and Lisa Morel Virginia Beach Sunday Young Marrieds
Miguel and Carin Navarro Chesapeake Thursday All Ages
Scott and Debbie Pound Suffolk Monday All Ages
Michael and Brenda Rouleau Virginia Beach Sunday All Ages
Andy and Jen Weissinger Chesapeake Tuesday All Ages